Slice It All

Slice It All is a 3D action game developed by Voodoo. In this game, players control a knife and navigate through various obstacles, aiming to cut them in half with accuracy.

How to play?

Your goal is to reach the finish line without getting stuck or hitting the ground and slicing as many objects with the help of a knife as you can to score maximum points.

In the game, your blade possesses unique characteristics. If it collides with pointed red objects or descends to the ground, the game concludes. Exercise caution to avoid these obstacles and keep your knife soaring through the challenges.

In this game, your knife only goes forward for slicing. Players earn 10 points for every successful slice. At the end of the game, to get maximum points, you have to apply your mathematical skills. For example, if you flip on *50 your score will multiply by 50.

Slice It All - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

The points you collect unlock awesome new blades, making the game more exciting

Key Binding

  • Desktop – Left click to flip the knife
  • Mouse – Tap on the screen

Game Wiki Table

GameSlice It All
Developer Voodoo
ReleasedJanuary 13, 2023
GenreStrategy, Slicing, Casual
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser
Devices CompatibleDesktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile


  1. Vibrant and dynamic 3D environments for an immersive gaming experience.
  2. Earn points for each successful slice, with 10 points awarded per sliced object.
  3. Accumulate points to unlock a variety of new blades, enhancing gameplay.
  4. Utilize mathematical skills to maximize points at the end of the game.
  5. Navigate carefully to prevent the knife from hitting the ground as well as pointed objects.

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Download options for Android and iOS

Google Play Store Badge Render in 150 W and Auto H
App Store Badge 150 W and Auto H

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