Skydom Reforged

Skydom Reforged is an engaging online matching game where players are tasked with strategically matching tiles of the same color and shape in groups of three or more.

The Pew Pew developed and released this single-player game in January 2023.

How to play?

The primary objective of this game is to fulfill the specific goals set for each level. These goals can vary depending on the level, but they involve clearing a certain number of tiles and matching tiles of a specific color. Some levels require you to collect more tiles than your opponent.

You get a limited number of moves to complete the goal. If you are unable to do it, the game is over.

You have to match tiles that are similar in color as well as shape in a group of at least 3 either horizontally or vertically.

Skydom Forged - Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

You play the game on a grid of tiles. Each tile has a unique shape and color. You must match three or more tiles of the same shape and color to remove them from the board. When you remove tiles, new tiles fall from the top of the screen. You can create chain reactions by matching multiple tiles at once.

The game features power-ups that can help you clear the board. You can earn or unlock these power-ups with the points you get from clearing levels. The power-ups are situated in the right corner of the game screen.

Controls for Skydom Forged

Use a mouse or tap on the mobile screen to move the tiles on the gameboard.

Game Wiki Table

DeveloperThe Pew Pew
ReleasedJanuary 2023
ModeSingle Player
GenreMatching, Strategy, Puzzle
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop)

Features of Skydom Reforged

  • Different targets to achieve in the game.
  • Hundreds of captivating levels with increasing difficulty
  • You can unlock daily challenges by completing 10 levels.
  • Unlock the Alchemist with 1000 coins.
  • The game has power-ups.
  • You get a limited number of moves to finish the target at any level of the game.

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