Tomb Runner is a popular endless running game. It is similar in style to other Endless Runner games like “Temple Run.” In this game, players take on the role of an explorer or adventurer who is running through a hazardous tomb or temple environment.

So get up and start running and enjoy this most awaited game for free.

How to play the Tomb Runner game?

If you have ever played Temple Run, then you are not to have any problems as the objective is similar to this game.

In this game, you’re an adventurer exploring a mysterious tomb. The objective of the game is to navigate the character through the treacherous pathways, avoiding obstacles and collecting valuable coins along the way.

Players must use keyboard controls to make the character jump, slide, or turn to avoid obstacles like pits, spikes, and barriers.

The game continues until the character collides with an obstacle or falls ending the run.

As players progress, the speed of the game increases, making it more challenging to react quickly and navigate through the obstacles.

Tomb Runner  - Gameplay Screenshot
Tomb Runner – Gameplay Screenshot

In the game, you can track your progress by monitoring the distance covered, displayed as a meter at the top left corner of the screen.

Heroes in the game

In this game, there are a total of 6 heroes. Currently, only Professor Jones is available initially, and the rest of the heroes are locked.

You have the opportunity to unlock these additional heroes by collecting coins during your runs. Below is the list of heroes and the corresponding amount of coins required to unlock each one:

  1. Lara Bones – 300 coins
  2. Mummy – 500 coins
  3. Agent 99 – 1000 coins
  4. Disco Dancer – 2000 coins
  5. Cubeman – 5000 coins


  • A/Left Arrow Key: Move left
  • D/Right Arrow Key: Move right
  • W/UpArrow Key: Jump
  • S/Down Arrow Key: Slide


  • Endless Running Adventure
  • Diverse Obstacles
  • 6 Heroes
  • Progressive Difficulty
  • Treasure Collection

Developer of  Tomb Runner


Released Date

February 2016

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