MX Offroad Master

MX Offroad Master is a BMX game where players engage in various bicycle challenges and stunts.

Players in this game, navigate through different terrains, performing flips, spins, and other acrobatic maneuvers to score points.


In the MX Offroad Master game, you have to ride a bicycle on a mountain with steep slopes. It is very difficult to ride on such a track either in real life or in the game. But pro skills can help you to ride smoothly in this game. Before starting to play, players have to select whether to play as a 1-player or 2-player.

You also have to select the mode to play. The game offers 2 modes; Mountain Ride and Free Ride.

1. Mountain Ride

In the Mountain Ride mode, there are many different levels with various tracks, totaling 14 challenging levels. After completing any level, you will earn diamonds and coins, which are the in-game currencies to customize your bike and character.

MX Off Road Master - Mountain Ride Mode
Mountain Ride Mode

Players have only three lives in each level. Losing a life occurs when you fall off the bicycle. If lives remain, the game will resume where it left off. However, with no lives remaining, you will need to restart the game if you want to continue.

2. Free Mode

There are no levels in this mode; you can ride as long as you can.

Free Ride Mode
Free Ride Mode

Many coins and diamonds are scattered in challenging places, collectible only by performing stunts. Here you get unlimited lives.

Can I change the bicycle, chain, helmet, and costume in the game?

You can change them by going to the shop menu. These are locked and can be unlocked with the help of diamonds and coins. There are a total of four bicycles you can ride.

Controls in MX Offroad Master

Player 1

  • WASD = move
  • Space = front brake
  • S = rear brake
  • C = camera switch
  • R = restart position

Player 2

  • Arrow keys = move
  • R-shift = front brake
  • Down arrow key = rear brake
  • O= camera switch
  • P = restart position

Developer of MX Offroad Master

RHM Interactive developed this game. This game was released in Feb 2023


Web Browser


  • Two Exciting Modes
  • Challenging Levels in Mountain Ride
  • Endless Riding in free ride
  • Four Available bicycles.

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