Puppy Blast

Puppy Blast is an addictive arcade-style matching game where you click to remove similar cubes from the game board.

With over 100 exciting levels, it provides entertainment and stress-free gameplay. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, hassle-free, without any charges.

How to play?

The Puppy Blastgame is easy and play. You just have to match similar colored cubes placed close to each other. To make a match, click on a tile surrounded by similar cubes adjacent to it. When tiles match, they leave the board, and new cubes replace them in equal numbers. In this game, your goal is to complete the targets within a fixed number of moves. Plan your moves strategically to complete the objectives and advance through the game.

In the game, as you progress, you can unlock various boosters, including one called the hammer. This booster allows you to destroy a specific cube, facilitating your matching strategy


When you match numerous cubes, you’ll encounter unique ones with enhanced destruction power, aiding in achieving your targets. Combining 5 or 6 same-color blocks yields a missile, clearing a row or column.

Merging 7 or 8 same-color cubes produces a bomb, destroying nearby blocks.

Combining 9 or 10 same-color blocks results in a magic cube, obliterating all cubes of that color when clicked.

Combining two power-ups leads to major explosions, swiftly securing victory in the game.


  • Desktop – Left Mouse Button
  • Mobile – Tap on the screen

Game Details

DeveloperYizhiyuan Network Technology 
Released DateMay 2019
ModeSingle Player
GenresMatching, Arcade, Puzzle
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet )


  • Click on groups of two or more blocks of the same color to remove them.
  • Larger groups yield rewards like missiles, bombs, and the coveted magic cube.
  • There are hundreds of levels in this game.
  • You can play it on mobile.
  • The game is available on full-screen

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