TikTok TikTok: How to play on your computer?


Have you ever dreamt of running TikTok on a computer and too without downloading? I think you might have not. To make your dreams come true, TikTok has come up.

Now using this platform you can enjoy TikTok which enables you to create as well as share your short videos with your friends continuously.

Go through this page and know everything about Tiktok.

What Is is a cloud gaming platform that allows users to play online video games without even downloading via the cloud, eliminating the need for powerful gaming hardware.

There are vast collection of online games of every genre like action games, puzzle games, racing games, adventure games, and many more on this cloud gaming service.

You can choose any of these games to play online for free. The only thing that can prevent you from playing your desired games on this gaming platform is poor internet connectivity.

You can play famous online games such as Mahojang Connect, Moto X3M Bike Race, Traffic Jam 3D, and many more without any restrictions on this amazing gaming website i.e.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform where creators can make reels and short videos and share them on the app. Creators can also add music and various other effects such as stickers, emojis, animated GIFs, etc.

TikTok on mobile
TikTok on mobile

TikTok app is also known as Douyin, It was originally launched by the Chinese tech company ByteDance in Sep 2016. ByteDance acquired and merged into TikTok on August 02, 2018.

To create a music video user can select background music from the vast collection of music genres, edit it with a filter, record a short video, and make all other adjustments before uploading it on TikTok.

This app also allows you to lip-sync your favorite songs, dialogues, or famous quotes from movies, TV shows, or internet videos. There is a live feature in this app. For this users must have at least 1000 followers and are above 16 years old.

The number of users on TikTok has reached around 1.67 billion worldwide. It is most popular in the USA, Indonesia, and Brazil after China. TikTok Pte. Ltd publishes TikTok on the Google Play Store. It is available on the App Store. You can download it for free.

What Is Tik Tok? TikTok is a social game available on ‘s website where you can use TikTok. Till now TikTok was available only on mobile but now you can access it on your computer, tablet, or laptop without paying any penny. It also allows you to enjoy TikTok without downloading. Its interface is user friendly and anybody can use it hassle-free.

Playing TikTok on a desktop will give you an immersive and visually engaging experience. This online platform is unblocked in most of the countries and users can access it very easily.

How To Play TikTok On

Playing TikTok on is very easy. You have to follow basic steps to access it online on a computer. Here is how you can play it online:

  1. Before going to play TikTok online on, make sure there is proper internet connectivity.
  2. On the home page of, click on the TikTok icon located at the top right of the screen.
Tiktok on Official website
Tiktok on Official website
  1. Sign in to an account if you do not have one.
Sign up
Sign up
  • log in if you have an account to follow creators, like videos, and view comments. TikTok Screenshot TikTok Screenshot

How to play TikTok on if it is not available on a browser?

You can play TikTok on if the browser option is not available. Here is how you can play it:

  • Go to the official website of now. gg or Bluestacks to download the latest version of the app.
  • When the app is downloaded and installed on your desktop, open it.
  • In the app, type TikTok in the search bar located on the top left of the screen and then press the Enter button.
BlueStacks search bar
BlueStacks search bar
  • A new page will display on the screen after following the above steps. On this page click on the Install Via Google Play button to install the TikTok app.
Installing Tiktok
Installing Tiktok
  • Wait till the installation is completed.
TikTok Downloading
TikTok Downloading
  • Log in to your Google account when the installation is completed. When you successfully sign in to your Google account, you will be able to enjoy TikTok on

Why TikTok Has Gained Popularity?

There are various reasons which have made it popular all over the world. Some popular reasons are listed below:

  • It enables users to access TikTok on the browser without downloading the app.
  • Users can easily access TikTok by using a VPN or Proxy server if it is banned in the country.
  • This platform is user-friendly.
  • You can easily share your videos and see other videos.
  • You don’t have to worry about security issues while using TikTok. It is safe and secure in all aspects.
  • You can access TikTok from anywhere with proper internet connectivity.


Q.1 What is

It’s an online gaming platform where you can play various types of online games including puzzles, action, and adventure for free and without downloading.

Q.2 Who developed

Rosen Sharma is the founder and CEO of the

Q.3 Who publishes TikTok?

TikTok Pte. Ltd publishes TikTok.

Q.4 How can I access TikTok without downloading?

You can access TikTok without downloading it via TikTok

Q.5 Is TikTok blocked at school?

Yes, it is blocked at school, if your school has not put any restrictions on gaming platforms.

Q.6 How can I access TikTok if my browser doesn’t support it?

If your browser doesn’t support TikTok, you can access it by downloading Bluestacks.

Q.7 How can I access TikTok if it is banned in my country?

You can access TikTok by using Tiktok in case of being banned in your country. provides easy access to TikTok without any restrictions.

Q.8 Can I play games on without downloading?

Yes, you can play online games without downloading.

Q.9 How can I unblock TikTok?

You can unblock it by using a VPN or a proxy server.

Q.10 Is there an age limit for TikTok? has not revealed any age limit for TikTok.

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