Moto X3M Bike Race is an exciting and challenging online motorcycle racing game. Developed by MadPuffers, it’s part of the Moto X3M series, known for its intense gameplay and creative level design.

In this game players control a rider on a motorcycle and navigate through a series of obstacle-filled tracks.

Moto X3M Bike Race Wiki

GameMoto X3M Bike Race
GenreRacing, Stunt Driving, Adventure
ModeSingle Player
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android

How to play Moto X3M Bike Race?

In this game, players control a motorcycle rider navigating through a series of challenging levels filled with obstacles and hazards. The objective is to complete each level as quickly as possible while avoiding crashes.

When you begin a level, your timer starts, and it keeps running until you complete the level. Therefore, it’s essential to ride cautiously, avoid crashes, and reach checkpoints as early as possible to achieve the best time.

Moto X3M Bike Race Gameplay Screenshot level 10
Gameplay Screenshot level 10

Similar to other Moto X3M games, completing a level in the shortest time rewards you with 3 stars. These stars act as the in-game currency, enabling you to unlock new bikes for a more immersive experience.

Three Stars Awarded
Three Stars Awarded

The game boasts 50 levels, each presenting a progression from basic layouts to intricate webs of traps and obstacles. These challenges are designed to test your racing prowess and demand precise control and strategy.

The levels provide extensive replayability, urging players to refine their skills and beat their previous best times


  • W/Up arrow key- Acceleration
  • S/Down arrow key- Brake
  • A/Left arrow key- Raising the front wheel
  • D/Right arrow key- Raising the rear wheel
  • Spacebar- To continue

Features of Moto X3M Bike Race

  • You earn 3 stars on each level by finishing within the shortest time, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.
  • There are 50 levels in the game.
  • Stars serve as in-game currency to unlock new bikes.
  • You can beat your best time of any level by playing that level again.

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