Gold Strike

Gold Strike is an online puzzle and matching game where your role is that of a miner on a quest for gold within a dynamic mine environment.

How To Play?

The objective of Gold Strike is to collect as much gold as possible while preventing the mine from becoming cluttered with rocks. Players achieve this by shooting at golden blocks. Some blocks other than golden color contain precious minerals like diamonds that also you can get by shooting.

The focus should be on hitting 2 or more adjacent gold blocks or blocks having symbols on them as you can see in the image below. Timing is crucial as rocks approach; if they touch you, the game ends, and you can’t strike anymore.

You will earn points on disappearing golden blocks but when you hit any block and gold or diamond is not extracted, a point will be deducted from your score.

Gold Strike - Gameplay Screenshot
Gold Strike – Gameplay Screenshot

The game features a fixed mine depth, allowing you to strategically shift rocks towards you, creating a column of new rocks when golden blocks are scarce. To create more blocks click on the Next button located on the top left of the screen.

This tactic is handy when you can’t find golden blocks. So, precision and strategic thinking play a key role in navigating the game effectively.

Controls in Gold Strike

  • Left click of the mouse

Game Info

GameGold Strike
ReleasedApril 2017
ModeSingle Player
GenreArcade, Puzzle, Shooting
PlatformWeb Browser


  • Strategic Gold Mining
  • Mine Depth increases with the level.
  • Dynamic Chain Reactions
  • Challenging Point System
  • Multiple levels

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