Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is an online clicking game that challenges players to flip a virtual bottle through various levels, aiming to land it on different objects and reach the finish line without dropping it.

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The core information about this clicking game is given in the table below:

GameFlip Bottle
Released DateOctober 30, 2019
GenreClicking, Casual, Arcade
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser

How To Play?

The game is simple yet engaging. Your primary goal is to flip the bottle by clicking the left mouse button until it reaches the finish line. If the bottle falls to the ground, the game ends, and you’ll need to restart.

As you advance, the game becomes more challenging. Certain objects, when landed on after a flip, rotate, or move, posing a risk of the bottle falling if not clicked in time.

Some objects are placed at a distance, requiring multiple clicks to land the bottle successfully. The evolving challenges add excitement and complexity to the gameplay.

Flip Bottle Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

Upon completing a level, you earn points that can be used to buy new bottles from the in-game bottle shop.

With a total of 24 different bottles available, you have the flexibility to unlock and use any of them by utilizing the points gained through level completion. This feature adds a rewarding and customizable element to the game.


Use the left-click of the mouse.

Features of Flip Bottle game

  • Simple and engaging gameplay
  • The increasing challenge as levels progress
  • Interactive objects that rotate or move when the bottle lands on them
  • Some objects are placed at a distance, requiring multiple clicks for successful placement
  • Points earned for completing levels
  • In-game bottle shop with 24 different bottles
  • Ability to unlock new bottles using earned points
  • Customizable experience with a variety of available bottles
  • Left-click of the mouse used for interaction

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