Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Arkadium Bubble Shooter is an arcade matching game where players eliminate colored bubbles by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. When they are matched, they disappear and pop.

Game Wiki Table

ReleasedJuly 23, 2020
ModeSingle Player
GenresShooting, Matching, Arcade, Puzzle
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android, iOS

How To Play?

The game is based on the principle of matching. To clear all the colored bubbles, release the bubble from the cannon at the bottom. When you shoot a bubble and it strikes with two or more bubbles of the same color, they will match, disappear, and pop from the game board.

At any time, there will be two bubbles, either of the same or different colors, available for shooting. You can use any of them to shoot.

When you release a bubble from the cannon, if it does not match, it will stick to the board. Consequently, bubbles will keep adding to the screen. If they reach the bottom and touch the cannon, the game will be over.

Upon starting the game i.e. level 1, you begin with 40 moves. Within these 40 shots, your goal is to destroy all the bubbles on the screen. If you clear the level in fewer than 40 moves, the remaining moves will be added to the next level.

In each level, you receive a fixed number of moves plus the remaining moves from the previous level. Therefore, it is crucial to use your moves wisely and try to clear the bubbles efficiently.

If you exhaust all the available shots and are unable to clear the bubbles, the game will end, and you will have to restart from level 1.

The game features special bubbles such as lightning bubbles and bombs that you should use to clear the bubbles. These serve as power-ups or boosters, assisting you in eradicating more bubbles.

Key Bindings


  • Move to mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot


  • Tab on the screen

Features of Arkadium Bubble Shooter

  1. If you run out of moves, restart from level 1.
  2. Play on web browsers, Android, and iOS.
  3. Complete levels within a limited number of moves.
  4. Match three or more drops of the same color to clear them.

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