Tallman Run is an online game where you guide the “Tallman” on a race track, aiming to grow taller and wider by passing gates that increase height or width.

How To Play?

In the game, your goal is to increase both the height and width of your character. Blue gates on the track are crucial for making the Tallman taller. Always aim to pass through these gates, which may have multiplication or addition symbols.

Going through a blue gate makes you both taller and wider, enhancing your abilities to confront opponents. Watch out for obstacles represented by red portals on the track, as they weaken your character and often have subtraction or division symbols.

Tallman Run Gameplay Screenshot
Tallman Run Gameplay Screenshot

As you run, collect blue diamonds scattered along the track to make the gameplay more exciting. These diamonds serve as in-game currency, allowing you to customize your character and purchase boosters.

To overcome obstacles, utilize a button found on the track while running. Going this button will make the Tallman jump, helping protect your character from weakening effects.

Towards the end, there’s a boss. To reach and defeat the boss, focus on making your character taller and wider.

Screenshot showing Tallman defeated the Boss
The screenshot showing Tallman defeating the Boss

If successful, defeating the boss earns you an additional bonus.


At the beginning of the game, you have the option to purchase three types of boosters. These boosters enhance your abilities, allowing you to score more points.

You can choose to increase your speed, make yourself taller, or become both taller and wider. Once purchased, a booster remains active for the duration of that specific level.

These boosters are obtainable using the blue diamonds you collect while playing.


The game offers character customization, allowing you to buy new hats and skins of various colors from the in-game shop store. You can use the game currency, which is the blue diamonds, to personalize the Tallman.


  • Arrow Keys or Mouse


2Play developed this game on August 15, 2022.


Web Browser

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