Master Of Numbers

Master of Numbers is an online game where you play as a small digit navigating through a maze of numbers.

You are on a mission to grow as large as possible by absorbing smaller numbers while avoiding collisions with larger numbers in this number game.

How to play?

The objective of Master of Numbers is to reach the finish line with the largest number possible. You do this by absorbing smaller numbers or numbers in blue colors to grow in size and power while avoiding larger numbers or red numbers that will reduce your strength and make the game over.

In the game, you start with number 1. You can increase this number with the points you score after completing the level. To increase the starting number to 2, you have to spend 200 points. It keeps on increasing with the level.

Master Of Numbers Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

You can also increase your overall score at the end of any level by a certain percentage with the points you score in the game. To increase your score by 10% you have to invest 500 points. Its value also increases with the levels.


  • Drag a mouse while pressing left click.

Game Wiki Table

GameMaster of Numbers
DeveloperGame Push
ReleasedJuly, 2023
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser


  1. Fun and engaging game for all
  2. Get bigger by absorbing smaller numbers
  3. Avoid bigger numbers than you
  4. Spend points to increase your starting number and income
  5. Play anytime, anywhere on your mobile device

Tips for playing the Master Of Numbers Game

  • Focus on absorbing smaller numbers, represented in blue.
  • Be cautious of larger numbers, represented in red.
  • Invest your points in increasing your starting number.

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