Flappy Bird is an arcade-style single-player mobile game developed by Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen in May 2013 under his gaming company.Gears. In the game, you have to control the bird Faby and navigate it through a series of pipes without hitting them.

The game was initially released for mobile but later it was removed from the Play Store. Despite this, you can enjoy this game on Web Browser.

Flappy Bird Wiki

DesignerDong Nguyen
Released Date24.05.2013
ModeSingle Player
PlatformWeb Browser


Flappy Bird is a game in which your task is to control a bird that attempts to fly through a pair of green pipes positioned at random heights. Your objective is to guide the bird in a way that it doesn’t collide with the pipes. The gaps between the pipes are of equal distance.

If the bird hits or collides with a pipe, the game ends, and you are out. Each time you successfully pass through one pair of pipes, you earn one point. Your goal is to cross through as many pairs of pipes as possible.

Flappy Bird offers endless gameplay. When the bird collides with any pipe or falls to the surface, the game is over, and your score is displayed on the screen.


The scoreboard shows your current score and the best score you have achieved.

Controls of Flappy Bird

In this game, the controls are simple. You only need to use one button to play: left-click the mouse or tap the mobile screen to make the bird fly.

Features of Flappy Bird

  • It is an endless game.
  • When you are out, the game restarts very quickly.
  • The retro sound effect makes the game engaging.
  • The game is very challenging.

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Q.1 Can I play this game without downloading it?

Yes, you can play this game on your computer without downloading it.

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