Dots and Boxes is a pencil and paper game for 2 or more players. French mathematician Eduoard Lucas published it for the first time in the nineteenth century. The game is known by other names such as dots and dashes, a game of dots, dot-to-dot grid boxes, and pigs in a pen.

Dots and Boxes is a simple yet strategic game that requires players to think ahead and anticipate their opponent’s moves.

In the game, players have to draw a square on an empty grid of dots. The grid can be of any size like 3*2, 5*4, 8*6, 11*9, etc. The participant who draws the most number of squares is deemed to have won.

Dots and Boxes is a very popular game and is loved by people of all ages. This game helps in increasing concentration and gets people out of stress. You can play it for free on this gaming platform.

Game Wiki

PublisherEduoard Lucas
Released19th century
GenrePuzzle, Strategic
ModeTwo-player, Multiplayer
PlatformWeb Browser

Gameplay Of Dots And Boxes

The game begins with a blank grid of dots. The objective of the game is to make a square.  For every round, a player has to connect 2 adjacent dots, either vertically or horizontally, to draw a line. A player receives one point and moves on to the next round if they finish the fourth side of a 1*1 box.

Dots and Boxes Gameplay
Dots and Boxes Gameplay

When a player scores a point, the player’s name is marked in the appropriate square. The game ends when no more adjacent are left to be connected. At the end, the number of squares is counted. The player who gets the most points is the winner.


Drag and release a mouse.


  • There are four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
  • There are four themes in the game: Classic, Dark, Sunset, Default
  • There is an option to choose any grid size i.e. 3*2, 5*4, 8*6, 11*9.

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