Barbiemania is an online fashion game that lets you showcase your styling skills. In this game, you have to do makeup for Elie, the iconic doll, for various occasions.

ReleasedSeptember 25, 2023
ModeSingle Player
GenresFashion, Girls
PlatformWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

How To Play Barbiemania?

The game begins with the makeover of Ellie for three events: Celestial Elegance, Office Chic Makeover, or 1980s Retro Diva.

Celestial Elegance

Barbiemania- Ellie Celestial Elegance Makeup
Ellie Celestial Elegance Makeup
  • Create a dazzling metallic makeup look for Ellie inspired by stars and constellations.
  • Pick different hairstyles for Ellie, like smooth tied-up hair or loose curls.
  • Experiment with eyeshadow colors reflecting the mesmerizing cosmos.
  • Enhance Ellie’s lashes with dramatic mascara.
  • Select the perfect lipstick shade for a glam finish.
  • Choose the appropriate necklace matching the theme.
  • Accessorize with constellation-inspired jewelry and sequined tops.

Office Makeover

Ellie Office Makeup
Ellie Office Makeup
  • Help Ellie achieve a sleek and sophisticated office look.
  • Select hairstyles that balance elegance.
  • Choose natural eyeshadow colors and use mascara carefully for a neat and pretty look.
  • Select lipstick colors that give a touch of brightness without being bold.
  • Finish changing Ellie’s look by dressing her in stylish office clothes and adding cool accessories like necklaces and sunglasses.

1980s Retro Diva

Ellie 1980s Makeup
Ellie 1980s Makeup
  • Travel back to the vibrant 1980s and transform Ellie into a retro diva.
  • Choose big, curly hair or hair teased for volume, like in the 80s.
  • Select proper eyeshadow colors to give a charming look
  • Put mascara on Ellie’s lashes to make them look bold and give her a retro style.
  • Choose lipstick shades.
  • Accessorize with jewelry and funky sunglasses.

Controls for Barbiemania

  • Use mouse


  • Choose from various hairstyles for Ellie
  • Explore different makeup options for three unique events
  • Accessorize Ellie with jewelry and other stylish items
  • Available on mobile
  • Play it on full-screen

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