Motorbike Simulator

Motorbike Simulator is a video game where you get to ride three types of motorbike and do stunts in different locations. It’s like a virtual playground for motorcycle lovers!

In this bike game, you’re not just racing; you’re pulling off wheelies, stoppies, and all sorts of other moves.


Your goal in the game is to drive your bike and make a stunt wherever you want. There are three Different Bikes in the game.

Gameplay Screenshot
Gameplay Screenshot

1. Racer

It’s like a cool speed demon that smoothly turns around corners. When you ride it, you can feel a strong force pushing you into your seat.

2. Police Bike

The Police Bike is like a bike for pretend cops. You can put on a badge and ride this upright machine. It makes you look important and in charge.

You can turn on police lights by pressing the “E” key to feel the thrill of chasing criminals.

3. Dirt Bike

This bike is made for off-road excitement. When you ride a Dirt Bike, you can do amazing stunts and tricks with total freedom.

Different Locations in Motorbike Simulator

There are four different locations to choose from in the game. Each one has its unique look and feel, from sunny beaches to neon-lit cities.

Motorbike Simulator - Driving Locations
Driving Locations

Locations in the game are given below:

  1. Forest
  2. Highway
  3. City
  4. Port


  1. “Arrows” keys or “WASD” keys to drive the bike
  2. “C” key to change the camera view
  3. “Space” key to handbrake
  4. “Shift” key to boost bike
  5. “R” key to reset scene
  6. “G” key to reset bike after damage
  7. “E” key to turn on police lights
  8. “X” to hide instructions
  9. “Tab” to exit to the main menu

Features of Motorbike Simulator game

  1. There are 3 different bikes to ride
  2. You can enjoy driving in 4 exotic locations
  3. You can reset your bike very easily
  4. The different camera view makes the gameplay engaging
  5. Players can play the game for free and even without downloading it.

Game Details

GameMotorbike Simulator
DeveloperJul Games
ReleasedDecember 21, 2018
ModeSingle Player
GenreRacing, Action
PlatformWeb Browser ( Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet )

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