Merge Fruit is a game where you get to mix and match identical fruits to create new and exciting combinations.

In this game, you get to combine fruits by clicking or tapping on the screen. The goal of the game is to keep combining fruits until you create something super special, like a watermelon.

Merge Fruit Game Wiki Table

GameMerge Fruit
ReleasedMarch 15, 2021
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
PlatformWeb Browser( Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)

How to play?

Playing Merge Fruit is easy and fun! In this game, your main task is to combine identical fruits to create new and larger types, aiming to prevent your growing pile from reaching the line at the top of the screen.

Fruit Merge Gameplay screenshot
Fruit Merge Gameplay screenshot

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Starting the Game:
    • Left-click anywhere on the screen or tap the screen if you’re playing on a touchscreen device.
  2. Merging Fruits:
    • After starting the game, you’ll see one fruit i.e. Blueberry at the top of the screen.
    • Click or tap on the screen to drop the fruit into the playing area.
    • Once the fruit drops, another fruit appears on the screen either similar or different to the previous one.
    • Try to make identical fruits fall on top of each other to merge them.
  3. Create Larger Fruits:
    • Every time two identical fruits merge, they create a larger fruit.
    • Continue merging fruits to form even larger types.
  4. Prevent Reaching the Line:
    • Continuously drop the fruits in a manner that facilitates merging while ensuring they do not make contact with the red line otherwise the game will be over.
    • Your goal is to prevent the growing pile of fruits from reaching this line.
  5. Game Over Conditions:
    • If your stack of fruits reaches the red line, the game ends.
    • The screen displays a dashed line when your stack approaches its height limit.
  6. Use Physics for better merging:
    • Dropping fruits at the right spot can trigger chain reactions and help you merge with less effort.
  7. Score Points:
    • Each fruit has its specific point value, offering a variety of scores for different types in the game. The point values increase as you merge into larger and more complex fruits.
    • You earn points for every successful merge.


  • Left-click on your mouse to drop a piece of fruit onto the playing field.
  • Drag a mouse in the direction you want to drop a fruit.

Which fruit on merging in the Merge Fruit game gives the lowest points?



Here are some of the tips to play better and score more points:

  • Place smaller fruits towards the sides to avoid obstructing merges in the center.
  • Since you can’t see the “next up” fruit, try to keep your options open for strategic plays.
  • If the current fruit doesn’t have an easy merge, consider dropping it on the side of another fruit to push it toward a match.

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Q.1 Can I play this game on Now.gg?

Yes, you can play this game on now.gg

Q.2 Where can I play this game for free?

You can play this game for free on this website.

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