Sort Mart is an addictive game and a type of puzzle where the player’s objective is to arrange similar products on a shelf in a time-bound manner. The developer of the game is Synk Inc.

Sort Mart Wiki

GameSort Mart
DeveloperSynk Inc
ReleasedSep 2023
Rating4 Star
ModeSingle Player
ObjectiveArrange Similar Products
PlatformWeb Browser


The game is based on the theme of retail mart. In this game, you are tasked to arrange the products on the shelf in such a way that in any shelf only similar products are kept together so that customers will not face any problems in searching for the products.

If you manage to do this thing, you will run your mart profitably.

To complete the task, click on a product to pick it up, then put it on an empty shelf or near an identical item. While rearranging, you cannot put different products together; a rack must have at least one similar product or nothing at all.

When you click on any product, it will get it on the floor. Now click on the particular shelve you want to place it or keep it.

Sort Mart Gameplay
Sort Mart Gameplay

Each shelf in the mart has a maximum carrying capacity, you cannot overload it.

The stage or the level is completed if you keep similar products together on the shelf on time. Completing the task on time will reward you points which will help you unlock various features of the game.

Sorting the products in the shelf in the given time
Sorting the products

In every level, you will get three undue options, utilize them carefully to complete the level.

Controls Of Sort Mart

  • Left-click on the product to select.
  • Left-click on the shelve to keep the product


Tips to clear the stage in the game effectively are as follows:

  • First and foremost, understand the rules and objectives of the game. Know what criteria you need to follow when sorting items or objects.
  • Practice a game a lot.
  • Begin sorting the items that clearly meet the criteria.


  • It’s an engaging game.
  • There are multiple levels.
  • The game is time-bound.

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