Paradise Island 2 is a simulation and management game set on a tropical island.

The game lets you convert this undeveloped island into a tourist spot where tourists will get 5-star hotels, luxurious restaurants, and other facilities required by tourists.

It’s a single-player game so you won’t need to interact with other players online to enjoy the gameplay. The game is free to play. Being a browser-based game, you won’t need to download it to play.

Game Details

GameParadise Island 2
DeveloperGame Insight
Released DateSeptember 2023
GenreSimulation and Management
ModeSingle Player
PlatformsWeb Browser, Android, iOS

Gameplay Of Paradise Island 2

In this game, the players have to create and manage a successful island resort, catering to the needs and preferences of virtual tourists while balancing resource management and expansion.

The gameplay involves the following elements:

1. Island Development

Players start with a small, undeveloped island and gradually expand and turn it into a tourist destination. You have to build various structures, such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and attractions, to attract tourists and make your island highly profitable.

Paradise Island 2 Gameplay
Paradise Island 2 Gameplay

2 Resource Management

Managing resources is a crucial part of the game. You have to balance your income, expenses, and resources like money, energy, and materials to ensure the smooth operation of your island.

3. Tourists and Visitors

In the game in order to attract tourists to to provide various amenities, services, and entertainment options to meet their needs and preferences. If they are satisfied with your services you can run your resort profitably.

4. Upgradation and Customization

You can upgrade existing buildings, customize the look of your island, and unlock new features as you advance in the game.

5. Quests

The game also offers quests to guide players in their island development. Completing these tasks will provide rewards and help you progress in the game.


Left Mouse Button


  • Resource management
  • Tourists satisfaction
  • Island development

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Q.1 Can I play this game on mobile?

You can play this game after downloading it.

Q.2 How can I download this game?

You can download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

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