Hexotopia is a city-building puzzle in which you are given a contractor to construct a beautiful smart city having all the facilities that every person aims to have like railway stations, highways, shopping malls, etc.

The game was developed by a famous gaming company, AA2G1 Ltd, which had developed many popular games like Car Crash Online, Super Slime Trasing Master 3D, etc.

Hexotopia Wiki

DeveloperAA2G1 Ltd
ReleasedMarch 2023
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Full-Screen ModeYes
Free To PlayYes
PlatformWeb Browser


In this engaging city-building game, players are tasked with creating a vibrant urban landscape using hexagonal tiles depicting different elements of the city. The objective is to arrange these tiles on the board in a visually appealing manner, forming a captivating cityscape.


To do so, players can drag tiles onto the board and rotate them to fit their desired orientation. Once satisfied with the placement, they can fix the tiles by clicking on the ‘Place‘ icon that appears. Wherever adjustments are required, tiles can be removed individually by selecting them and clicking on the removal button.

Hexotopia Gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot

Additionally, players can remove the top hex of a placed tile using a dedicated button. Swapping adjacent hexes is also possible to fine-tune the arrangement.

With multiple levels to conquer, players unlock new tiles as they progress, ensuring fresh challenges and opportunities for creativity. The game continues until players exhaust their stack of tiles, encouraging strategic placement and imaginative city design.

Controls Of Hexotopia Game

  • Drag to fix a tile.
  • Left-click on the tile to rotate it.

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