Bob The Robber is a platform game in which you play the character of a thief named Bob who is a skilled thief.

In the game, you have to steal valuable items in the form of cash, jewelry, and documents from various buildings while avoiding security guards, CCTV cameras, and other security devices.

Bob The Robber Wiki

ReleasedHTML version-October 2018
ModeSingle Player
GenrePlatform, Adventure
PlatformWeb Browser

How can I play Bob The Robber?

There are five levels in the game. The difficulties or challenges increase with the level. Stealing, moving quietly, and remaining undetected by security measures like CCTV cameras, security guards, etc. is the objective of the game.

Bob The Robber Gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot

The Buildings that you enter to accomplish the task are equipped with security cameras, laser grids, motion sensors, and other obstacles that Bob needs to bypass. You’ll need to time your movements to avoid triggering alarms or being spotted by cameras. If you get caught you are out and have to restart the level.

You can strike an aggressive guard but only at the right time. To rob as much as you can, pick door locks.

Stay out of the camera’s vision and hide in the shadow to avoid being caught being red-handed.


  • A/Left arrow key: To move left
  • D/Right arrow key: To move right
  • Up arrow key: To open the door and look into the objects to rob
  • Spacebar: To strike guard

Features of Bob The Robber

  • Stealth-based gameplay
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Multiple locations
  • Guard avoidance
  • Increasing difficulty

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Q.1 Can I play this game on mobile?

Yes, you can play this game on mobile.

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